Frequently Asked Questions


The subscription types currently available can be found on our Pricing page.

Subscriptions renew every 30 days on the date you signed up. You are NEVER under any obligation to renew and may cancel at any time prior to your next billing cycle.

Our email-based support is included for both Basic and Deluxe accounts. We answer within an hour during Help Desk hours and are always happy to help when you need assistance.

No there are not. SSB is a flat rate service and we do not charge any additional fees for your listings. Your eBay listing fees will still apply.

If you have more than five (5) eBay Seller IDs, please contact our support team for pricing. Some high-volume sellers may need to purchase additional hosting space for their images. See Image Hosting, below.

You are under no obligation to stay subscribed for any pre-determined number of months and may cancel at any time. Your account will then be closed at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Yes you can! With SSB Deluxe you may import all of your active eBay or Bonanza listings and manage them through your SSB account, if you'd like. If you are an Etsy seller, we will automatically import your active items when you create your profile and get your token.

We do not support import or export via CSV files at this time.

Image Hosting

Yes. All your listing images and our template graphics are hosted securely.

Deluxe accounts include 500 MB of image hosting space. Basic accounts include 100 MB, which can hold up to 1,000 images.

The number of images that can be hosted in an account is dependent on the Width and Quality settings chosen during the upload process.

Deluxe accounts allow up to 100 images per listing. Basic accounts allow up to 24 images per listing. Images are embedded within your item description. When using our Listing Launcher, the number of images sent to the specified listing site are subject to that site's policies. For eBay, the first 24 images will also sent to eBay Picture Service. All photo layouts are eBay compliant. For Bonanza, only the first 6 images will be sent. Please note that Etsy does not support any embedded images within the item description, and is limited to 10 images.

Yes we do! Our supersized (click to enlarge) photo solution is active content-free, mobile compatible and eBay and Bonanza compliant. Etsy does not support embedded images. Click to enlarge photo layouts are optional, so you may also select full size layouts.

No, eBay, Bonanza, and Etsy do not charge sellers a fee for using external image hosting. When using our image hosting, the "per picture" fees are not applicable as we are your image host, not the auction site.

Our Advanced Listing Launcher supports eBay Seller Video for eBay's currently-supported sites: eBay US, UK, and Motors US (parts only).


Yes! Our templates contain NO Active Content, are mobile compatible, use secure URLs, and are eBay compliant.

Click Here to visit the Template Gallery.

You are able to use any of our templates as long as your subscription is active. Basic accounts are limited as to the number of stock backgrounds available when using our Make It Your Own (MIYO™) templates. Please note that Etsy does not support templates at this time.

No, you do not need to know any HTML or CSS. All of our templates have been designed to take care of the work for you. You have the option to enter HTML within our editor if you wish.

Yes, each of the templates has been designed to support a seller logo, if you have one.

Yes, we are happy to install any custom templates you have into our system for your own personal use.

Using SSB with eBay, Bonanza, Etsy & Other Auction Sites

No, we do not require you to give us your password and believe this is private information that should not be shared with anyone.

In order to launch your auctions to eBay US, AU, CA, UK, eBay Motors US, Bonanza, or Etsy, you will need to request an Authorization Token. This grants our program permission to launch on your behalf.

To request an Authorization Token, navigate to the Seller Profiles page in your SSB account and locate your Seller ID in the Token Management Table. Select the "Get Token" action, and you will be redirected to the relevant page eBay, Bonanza, or Etsy to give your approval.

Deluxe accounts are able to launch to eBay US, UK, CA, AU, Motors US (parts & accessories only), Bonanza, and Etsy US. Basic accounts are able to launch directly to the eBay US site only.

Yes. Deluxe accounts include 90 day advanced scheduling of listings for eBay US, AU, CA, UK, and eBay Motors US, at no additional charge. SSB will launch your listing for you on the date and the time you have selected. Scheduling is not applicable to Bonanza or Etsy.

Yes we are! Our image hosting and templates can be used with a number of auction and shopping sites. As long as the site allows the use of HTML with embedded and/or linked style sheets, our templates may be used! Our templates are not compatible with Etsy, Poshmark, or Mercari at this time, as these sites do not support full HTML descriptions.

Yes, we are. Our listing tools and templates have been tested for compatibility on both Mac and PC. We also have mobile apps for image uploading, available for Apple users through the iTunes store, and Android users through the Google Play Store. These apps allow you to upload your images directly from your mobile device and then use your desktop to create your listings.

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