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eBay Will Extend Seller Protection Due to Hurricane Florence on the Carolinas Coast

Ebay has published the following announcement on their site. Any further from eBay will be available on the eBay Announcements page of their site.

eBay Announcement:
As Florence has now moved to a Category 3 hurricane, eBay will now automatically protect sellers in the impacted areas. If your business is affected, eBay will automatically protect your Seller Performance and your late shipment rate will not be impacted under these conditions:

* Your ZIP code has been identified by the here major shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx.
* Our tracking data shows your shipment was delayed or not delivered due to this weather event.

Please note: you may see late shipments due to this weather event on your seller dashboard, but they will be removed before the seller evaluations occur on the 20th of each month.

If you are unable to ship, we recommend communicating with your buyers to let them know the situation. For Stores subscribers, don’t forget to put your store in vacation mode to avoid receiving orders that cannot be shipped.

SSB Not Affected by eBay Open Apps Change

Recently eBay announced that their third party apps hosted on the eBay site would no longer be available directly on their website. This announcement has lead some concerned users to believe that could no longer use SSB. This is not the case and there is no reason for concern.

SSB listing services that you use daily to create and manage your listings are completely unaffected by this eBay change. You may continue to use our listing services, templates, premium showcase and mobile tools as usual.

What is affected? Any counters, showcases/galleries, seller maps, etc. from third party developers that you may have signed-up for and use directly on the eBay site. If you are signed into your eBay account and and go to this page you can see if you have any of these services.

Search Ranking & Templates

Concerned that your search ranking may be lower if your are using a template? We spoke directly to eBay and listings are not demoted in search rankings if they include a template.

We do have some suggestions directly from eBay for making sure your listings get well indexed! Visit our knowledgebase to read our article on optimizing your listing for search.

Discounted Shipping Insurance

Did you know you could insure your packages directly through SSB and at a significant savings? Check out our rate table to see how much you can save on shipping insurance!

Shipping insurance is provided through a private insurance company and covers packages shipping from the United States and Canada via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Both domestic and international packages may be covered, and this includes First Class Mail International! Our special contract includes coverage to countries that are sometimes excluded by other services.

To get started, a deposit must be made to your insurance account at SSB. This insurance account is debited as packages are insured. Your buyer must have checked out and the item marked as shipped at eBay to qualify for insurance. Claims are filed directly with the insurance company and claims are settled within 5 days once the insurance company has received the required information. If you have any questions, please email our support desk.


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